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Ventilation is the exchange of old air with new. It effects tempurature and humidity as well as CO2 and amonia levels. There are many components that can be used to make up the ventilation system in a barn.

Tunnel Door and Cool Pad

This combination is great for not just fresh air intake, but also for cooling and humidity in hot tempuratures. The tunnel doors open to allow fresh air to be pulled in by fans pulling the air out on the other side of the barn. In hot temperatures, water is cycled through the cool pad to reduce the temperature in the hot barn.


Inlets can be placed in the ceiling or walls to allow air to be either pushed out or pulled in depending on you intended air flow. Pictured above is a double inlet. They are also available with one opening. There are different sizes available to be able to get the openings needed for your barn.


There are many types of fans that can assist in a ventilation plan. The most popular are wall fans ( with or without cones ) and circ fans. Wall fans often have shutters or directional cone to help help restrict air flow back into the barns and insulated winter covers to keep the cold out in the winter. We offer a number of different fans from different suppliers to be able to meet your needs.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers can be a large part of a ventilation plan. The unit takes old air out and sends it through the heat exchanger to allow temperature of old air to condition the new air going in. This allows for a more cost effective way of maintaining the temperature in the barn. We have a few options available In a cold climate a heater can be added to the exchanger to help maintain the temperature in the barn. The system consists of the exchange unit, circulation fans and “curtains” to help direct the air movement in the barn, and requires minimal additional ventilation.