Nesting Systems

We offer a full range of nesting systems available from Vencomatic. From single tier nests to full multi-level gallery systems, Vencomatic has many features to provide better quality eggs.


• Comfortable nest flooring that attracts the hen;
• Maximum hygiene through open structure and minimum contact with the egg;
• Gentle roll of the egg towards the egg belt preventing cracked eggs


• Unique design that prevents egg movement;
• Minimal contact between the egg and belt to secure egg quality
and reduce contamination;
• Antistatic material for optimal hygiene

Tipping Nest Bottom

• Expels birds to prevent broodiness and soiling;
• Lowest nest floor angle in the industry ensuring a gentle egg roll;
• Automatically tips out dust and dirt for a clean nest.


• Open structure improving hygiene;
• Strong and durable materials;
• Withstands all climate conditions.

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Housing Solutions

Vencomatic also offers a few of housing solutions for pullet rearing.


Unistart is an economical and easy to use rearing system configured in rows. Here the poultry manager has full control over his birds. Thanks to its compact dimensions it fits in any poultry house and allows a high number of chickens per square meter floor surface.

Bolegg Starter

With the Bolegg Starter you have a top training facility with optimal ease of use. In this row system with internal platforms, training of the chicks starts at day one in this poultry housing system.

Jump Start

With the Jump Start you rear birds to be true athletes. Day-old chicks are placed on a slatted surface where they have direct access to feed and water. As birds grow, the difference between feeding and drinking levels gradually increases so the birds learn to jump to different levels and perches.

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