Egg Collection can encompass many elements in the movement of eggs from the nests through to pallet or Trolley .

Elevator systems

For multi-tiered nesting systems you need an elevator system to move eggs from each tier to a conveyor to move.

The newest innovation in this area is the Pegasus.

Pegasus is the smart egg transport system for safe and efficient egg collection from your housing system to your egg collection belt.

It is designed for safe, low impact transfer of eggs, to help keep the quality of egg high. It also allows for efficient egg flow in collecting each egg belt individually.


The next element would be a conveyor to move the eggs from the nesting system to egg room area. Vencobelt conveyor systems are designed with plastic pins that cradle the eggs for the least impact on eggs as they safely transfer from nest egg belt to egg room.

Meggsius Detect

Another new innovation from Vencomatic Group is the Meggsius Detect

This device is installed at any transition in your egg collection system. It is recommended between conveyor and grader/packer. It will detect a wet egg and stop the systems to allow the broken/ dirty egg to be removed and detector cleaned to keep the mess from moving into your machines. The systems can then be restarted by a touch to the leak indicator light. This greatly reduces the labour required to clean the machine caused by these broken/leaking eggs.



This system uses electronic weighing units, grading the eggs into four user defined sizes. Eggs with unsuitable weight for hatching are discharged to a packing shelf to gather manually. 

Meggsius Select

Eggs are be sorted by use of cameras in the vision unit for assessing egg quality and dimensions based on set rejection categories and
threshold values.


Vencomatic offers a few different options of packers. We can find the best option for you, based on the needs of your operation and type of egg trays you use .


Stackers take your filled egg trays and put them into stacks of 6 trays, then move them spaced downed the conveyor for you to move to your pallets.


The Prinzen Palletiser 110 greatly reduces the tiring work of handling stacks of trays and pleasantly improves your daily egg collecting work.

Trolly Loaders

The Trolley Loader is installed at the output side of the packer and places the full setter trays in the trolley. The Trolley Loader is available for multiple types of setter trays as well as in various configurations with possible use of a side shift. The machine is equipped with stainless steel construction materials for minimal maintenance.